11 Steps Toward A Smooth Closing
Arrange for Pre-Approval with your Lender
Prepare availability of Deposit Funds
Copy of Singed Purchase and Sale Agreement
Note Inspection Date:
Note Mortgage Commitment Date:
Arrange for Homeowner Insurance (*See Helpful Hints)
Review HUD settlement numbers prior to closing
Bank Certified Funds for remaining monies due
Remember Photo ID(s) for Closing
All Buyers to Attend Closing (*See Helpful Hints)
Ask us about homestead & Owner’s Title Insurance
Helpful Buyer Hints
  1. Clearly include in your purchase and sale agreement items that you want included as part of the sale; e.g. swing set, washer/dryer, etc.
  2. As you get closer to the closing your lender will require you to obtain homeowners insurance for the property prior to closing. (Often this requires proof of one year’s paid premium)
  3. All Buyers should attend closing. If a Power of Attorney is absolutely necessary, you will need to make those arrangements in advance with your lender (if applicable) and/or the Seller.
  4. When scheduling movers keep in mind the closing time (1-2 hours).
  5. Check with your lender regarding funds necessary for closing.