9 Steps Towards A Smooth Closing
Arrange for Deed from Seller to Buyer
Arrange for written Payoff information for your mortgage(s)
Arrange for Fire Inspector to issue Smoke/Carbon certificate
Request 6D Certificate (for condos)
Final Water/Sewer Reading
Final Oil Reading (if applicable)
Broker’s Commission statement (if applicable)
Photo ID(s) for closing
Review HUD settlement statement in advance of closing
Power of Attorney, if not attending closing
Key/ Garage Door Opener
Helpful Seller Hints
  1. Clearly include in your purchase and sale agreement items that you intend to leave or take upon sale of your home.
  2. Avoid drawing funds from an equity line of credit within a few weeks of closing. (if your plan is to use funds from your equity line for the purchase of your new home, be sure to alert your attorney or buyer closing attorney in advance).
  3. Keep track of Buyer(s) mortgage commitment date (if applicable) as this is generally the last big milestone in confirming the sale will proceed as planned.
  4. When calculating your sale proceeds be sure to account for a transfer tax of $4.56 per thousand (payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) that will be netted from the gross sale price and appear on the HUD settlement statement.
  5. Obtain a copy of your HUD (settlement statement) at closing. This will come in handy when filing your taxes.